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Ross was an accomplished Army Ranger with several tours in Afghanistan and Iraq under his belt before he was promoted to the Department of Occult Warfare (DOW). He used to be one of the first people to tell you paranormal and psychic phenomena were a pile of bullshit. Until his own latent paranormal abilities surfaced under fire during a botched raid on a Taliban safe house.

Ross cannot use any psychic weapons, but he channels a healing power to perform a Gears-of-War style revival to any "killed" squad member. As the captain of the team, Ross can also issue orders to both alpha and omega squad, which allows the player to be more tactical about engaging the enemy.


Ross's physical body dies fairly early on, thanks to the Firstborn. However, Ross lives on as a ghost, and can still speak with the squad and issue orders. He can latch on to one of the six surviving Jericho members, seeing events from their eyes and, at least partially, controlling their movements. The squad members apparently can also feel Ross's presence. For example, when possessing Church, she'll sometimes say things such as: "Ross? Tell me that's you," and "This is kinda invasive, don't you think?"



Through the careful training by the DOW, Ross has learned the art of healing. He can heal others, but not himself. He can even cure team mate's wounds without physically using his hands, as long as he keeps visual contact.

  • Revive - Bring a fallen teammate back to life.


Primary WeaponEdit

Patrioteer: 5.56mm G36C assault rifle

  • Max. Ammo Capacity: 500
  • Magazine Capacity: 45

Secondary WeaponEdit

Patrioteer: XM-26 semi-automatic mounted shotgun

  • Max. Ammo Capacity: 50
  • Magazine Capacity: 5

Tactical AnalysisEdit

You have to play as Ross in the first few levels in Al-Khali. He's really not too unique compared to the rest of the Jericho squad members. The best way to play him is to survive, as Ross and Rawlings are the only two healers of the group. If both of you go down, you have to restart at the checkpoint. The Patrioteer is a versatile weapon. The best way to use it is to use semi-automatic fire to damage enemies at medium to long range with headshots, and to use the shotgun attachment to finish them off if they get too close. A single shotgun shot can actually kill an Explosive Cultist if you can't damage their weak spots. To do this, get close to an Explosive Cultist, shoot its upper chest, and then quickly retreat before it explodes. You should never get close to Rawlings if an Explosive Cultist is coming to him. Once it explodes, you and Rawlings will die together and have to start at the checkpoint.