A Flying Cultist in combat.

Flying Cultists are the air units of Clive Barker's Jericho. They are also part of the Cultist tree. Flying Cultists move very fast and can deal a ton of damage with their attacks. They can perform two different attacks: a ranged attack, consisting of six sharp spikes fired from somewhere below the wings, and a melee attack. Flying Cultists engaging at range can either scatter their projectiles or concentrate on a single target. Normally, a Flying Cultist will swoop sideways to another location before performing his long-range attack. After charging in for a melee attack, the Flying Cultist will usually cover his body with the shield on his left arm and retreat to a higher altitute. They share the ability of causing a quick time event with the Cultists.

The Flying Cultist tends to be rather glitchy, with an odd habit of disappearing into the floor at times.


Flying Cultists are very deadly when it comes to combat. Their range attacks can discombobulate players due to the damage it can do. Sometimes it can kill the players or either of the Jericho squad member in one use. And can still irritate players with its ability to cast a quick time event. They move one location to another location-shooting in burst fire is dependable in this situation for any character.

Bravo Team:

  • Rawlings - Rawling's abilities does not effect on air units. It's best to use his automatic pistols and run and gun.
  • Church - Church's Fireward is useful against Flying Cultist with a combination of running and gunning. If the Flying Cultist charges, dodge it and use her katana to get a quick kill.
  • Black - Once the Flying Cultist moves to one spot to another, shoot a ghost bullet and aim for its head.

Alpha Team:

  • Delgado - Delgado's the best character to use out all of them. All he has to do is use Ababinili. However, the fire dragon won't be able to kill as much if it's at far range.
  • Jones - Out of all the characters, Jones is the weakest one against Flying Cultists. His spells will not work on them. It's best to try to shoot in burst fire at them and shotgun them if they charge at Jones.
  • Cole - When the Flying Cultist is about to attack Cole in a melee method, slow down the time and aim for its head.