Jericho gladiator

You are one ugly mother...

Gladiators are one of the units in the Roman era. They are possibly one of the biggest units in the entire game that players will be facing. What makes Gladiators so unique is players will not be allowed to simply shoot them. Gladiators wear a heavy amount of armor to protect themselves from whatever harmful attacks that the Jericho squad can do. To kill them, the team will have to shoot their exposed back.


Despite the intimidating look that the Gladiators have, they are actually very dumb and slow. Players can do extremely well with either characters as long they not getting distracted by his lethal attacks. They must focus on shooting his weak spot and once he starts to turn around, players will just have to simply circle strafe before he can see them. You will have to switch from one character to another due to the Gladiator will always attack the character who's attacking his back.