Concept Of Hanna

Height: 195cm



During the 1930s an occultist society deeply entwined with the German government began to investigate the Legend of the Firstborn in their attempts to identify how paranormal and psychic phenomenon could advance the war effort. In doing so they established a clandestine fighting force, The Geheimnisvoll Abwehrmacht, and its rising star was Psychic Squadron Leader Hanne Lichthammer.

Lichthammer was the paradigm of Teutonic beauty: tall and slim, a blue-eyed blonde... but she had a black heart that was as cold as ice. From a very young age she showed a clear tendency toward sadism and destruction. As a telepath capable of reading and controlling minds, she was recruited by the army as an interrogator and torturer.

She demonstrated her brutal efficiency in the field during the Spanish civil war. Germany answered Franco’s call for aid and the northern front became a testing ground for various German forces. The Condor Legion was supplied by Luftwaffe “volunteers” who tested out new aircraft and strategies, including the first recorded use of indiscriminate carpet bombing which would go on the claim hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties.

The new corps of the Geheimnisvoll Abwehrmacht, camouflaged as logistical and intelligence support, were attached to the Condor Legion. The corps carried out paranormal and psychic interrogations and assassinations on military and civilian targets under the leadership of Lichthammer, who mixed business with pleasure. Indeed, she never disguised her sadomasochistic and selfdestructive impulses: she enjoyed pain and enjoyed inflicting it on others. As a psychic, she was not content with sullying the flesh: Hanne enjoyed destroying minds. Many stories were told about the atrocities that Lichthammer forced on those whose will she broke: mothers devouring their children alive, men who dissected themselves... and all without laying as much as a finger on them.

While the Geheimnisvoll Abwehrmacht were proving their combat effectiveness, Psychic research at Al-Khali by the occultists revealed immense strategic potential. As soon as WWII broke out, uniformed troops invaded. However, the Geheimnisvoll Abwermacht, under the leadership of Lichthammer were then dispatched to take over the secured site. In response, a British Psychic Commando Unit, Blackwatch, was dispatched to recon the area. Contact was lost soon after their arrival. No known records of the Geheimnisvoll Abwehrmacht post-1939 exist. What happened at Al-Khali remains a mystery.

Combat AbilitiesEdit

She has a 'jump' ability that allows her to teleport short distances in space. With her study of The Box she can even control the flies, meaning that she can invoke her henchmen from the Geheimnisvoll Abwehrmacht whenever she needs them.