Wilhelmina "Billie" Church


Wilhelmina "Billie" Church was born into a snake handling Christian sect in rural Tennessee. Her family's congregation believed Billie was gifted with divine powers of healing and protection as evidenced by the "miracles". She would spend her time drawing her own blood and writing "angelic script" with it. As word spread about her powers, Tennessee State Authorities launched an investigation which resulted in "Billie" taken into custody. Her experience with the State was exceptionally traumatic and included several suicide attempts. She remains paranoid that her cult will come looking for her and has a continuing history of symptoms associated with schizophrenia and disassociated personality disorder. Her past haunts her to this day.


Church is a sanguimancer (blood magic user), whose abilities are known for having impact on a group of enemy units. To balance out her abilities, Church loses blood due to cutting her self to summon her eccentric spells. She can only use her magic if she has enough blood or she'll instantly have to wait for regeneration.

  • Blood Ward - Creates a red sphere that fires, what looks like tentacles, capable of immobilizing nearby enemies for a short period.
  • Fire Ward - Creates a flaming sphere that will engulf any enemies that venture within the flaming sphere's radius.


Primary WeaponEdit

Kenjuu, a rapid-fire machinepistol with a 30-round magazine.

  • Max. Ammo Capacity: 500
  • Magazine Capacity: 30

Secondary WeaponEdit

Nodachi, a Japanese sword, lethal at close range (melee).

Tactical AnalysisEdit

Church has the fastest movement speed and have the lowest life out of all the Jericho squad. Her fast movement speed is able to dodge melee attackers like Cultists. Playing Church really makes you rely on her Nodachi rather than her sub-machine pistol. Her primary weapon does not automatically reload when the magazine is empty. You have to reload it. Her Blood Ward is extremely powerful against a large group of units like a combination of Cultists and Explosive Cultists. Once her Blood Ward is cast, her katana can instantly kill a target of almost all the creatures throughout the entire game. Her Fire Ward is deadly on the Crusader era and Flying Cultists. Most players like to use her Nodachi on Cultists since it can actually stun them if you attack them before they attack you back. Her blade is very deadly on Warrior Crusaders and Crossbowman Crusaders. Taking a lot of damage while playing Church is the worst way to play her. The biggest drawback of Church is if she gets too much damage, she loses her abilities and can be useless. Also her life regeneration is very lengthy.


  • Church's sword is more of a wakizashi than an actual nodachi, which are the Japanese version of Scottish claymores. Meanwhile, wakizashis are shorter versions of katanas, much like the compact blade that she sports.