The Firstborn
The Firstborn
The Firstborn
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The Firstborn is the main antagonist of Clive Barker's Jericho. It was created by god before Adam and Eve, but He realized that it was too powerful, but couldn't destroy it, only banish it to The Pyxis. However, It has tried 6 times to break into our universe, and each time the Department of Occult Warfare sends a group of mystics to sacrifice themselves and seal the breach. It is Prophecised that the seventh attempt will be it's last. However, the final Jericho squad managed to Highly damage it before it's former apprentice, Arnold Leach, carries it into a tunnel of pure/light energy where a flash of burning light occurs.It is unclear if they were both destroyed or if they have teleported somewhere.

In the Roman era, a crucified centurion tells the Jericho team that The First Born does not want freedom. He states that The First Born wants what god gave man, but denied it. That "Freedom is the absence of chains, just as evil is the absence of love". One can guess all The First Born wants is to be loved, and not hated or feared, or just worshiped for it's power.