A screenshot with Church and a Warrior Crusader in combat.

Warrior Crusaders are one of the units of the Crusader era. They appear common throughout some of the levels with a mixture of Crossbowman Crusader. Warrior Crusaders shares some similarity with Cultists when it comes to attacking an enemy. They attack close range and can stun a unit with their hook. However, Warrior Crusaders usually like to use their shield to block gunshots and slowly walk towards your teammate or you with a leap attack.


Warrior Crusaders come in numbers, but are very easy to kill. Delgado's Ababinili can kill them in one use. Black's Ghost Bullet is also extremely useful against them. Either of Church's spells can easily defeat them in combat.

Promotion Edit

A warrior crusader is featured on many of the promos for this game. His appearance very different from the game depiction, and he is never featured in the game. Despite this, this is the most well known Icon for the game, and even appears on the cover of the game. He looks like a normal crusader with a less skeletal face, Very well armored arms, and instead of a loin cloth on his crotch, it is exposed, but is similar to the chest wound (torn open and crudely nailed and strapped back together.) He speaks similar to the firstborn although the voices are all male and gurgly instead of multiple genders and ages.
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the promo crusader